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47 Wahcumba St, Dutton Park
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Jesse du Plessis in Brisbane, QLD, AU on Houzz

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Club Southside

Club Southside

Repositioning the Club for the New Millennium with Dynamic Architecture.

Places of community gathering in Australia have traditionally been denoted by a strong singular architecture. The iconic form of the old style community hall was easily recognised and distinguished within in any community. However in more contemporary times, there has been almost no distinguishable difference in character between commercial, public and leisure buildings; everything looks the same. As a society, we generally don’t set aside such places by a special or unique design. Attending a place of leisure, entertainment and dining should be celebrated. Where the building as a symbol of that place engenders a sense of excitement and anticipation, whilst for club members, a unique character gives pride and a sense of belonging, and for visitors and guests alike, a contemporary expression indicates a place that is modern, fresh and invigorating to enjoy. The existing Club Southside building, it’s visibility and identity is relatively indistinguishable, set well back from the street, at a lower level from the street and appears as a non-descript box, identified and memorable only by signage. The best buildings don’t need signs; they are memorable because they can only be one thing!

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